Vitamin C - 1kg powder

49,99 zł

Vitamin C - 1kg powder

49,99 zł

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The most concentrated form of vitamin C powder

  • Very finely ground, thanks to which it dissolves perfectly.
  • does not contain heavy metals
  • The independent laboratory confirmed the microbiological purity of our product.
  • Packed in a modern plant that meets standardsIFS 


Vitamin C This is a dietary supplement that supports many key life functions. It is called the "strength of immunity" because it helps in the proper functioning of the immune system. In addition, it contributes to a reduction of tiredness, so it is recommended to use immediately after intensive physical training, as well as after mental effort. Vitamin C supports collagen production to ensure correct functioning of the skin, bones, teeth and gums.


Vitamin C - a powerful tool for fighting aging

The skin type defined as "normal" contains a high concentration of vitamin C and this is the initial condition to which we should always strive. Supplying the body with the right amount of vitamin C is crucial for the proper functioning of the skin - the largest organ of our body. It is vitamin C that supports important skin functions, i.e. stimulation of collagen synthesis and protection against the negative effects of the environment, including UV rays or pollution. So since the skin works like our protective barrier, supporting it in performing its function should be part of our daily routine.

The enemy of free radicals

Vitamin C deficiency in our body manifests itself, among others In rough skin, bleeding gums or long -healing wounds. We know this from biology lessons, while studies have shown that reduced levels of vitamin C also occur in the skin with visible symptoms of aging and in the one that has been affected by photostarization, i.e. the negative effects of solar radiation. And although the causes of this state of affairs have not been examined, it is presumed that the reduced level of vitamin C affects the aging of skin. It is known that vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, i.e. it helps our body in the fight against free radicals, which, as you know, contribute to premature skin aging.

Studies show that properly used sunscreen blocks only 55% of free radicals resulting from UVA radiation, which is considered one of the main factors affecting skin aging.

The best collagen synthesis catalyst

Vitamin C is necessary for collagen synthesis at every stage of its production. What's more, scientists suggest that a decrease in the amount of collagen produced, which progresses with age, can be stopped with vitamin C. It is considered one of the most effective methods of stimulating collagen production. Just provide it with the right amount. Studies have also shown that the long -lasting effect of vitamin C on connective tissue cells can increase the synthesis of collagen up to eight times. Vitamin C also affects the biosynthesis of elastin. The conducted studies have shown that vitamin C can inhibit elastin synthesis by fibroblasts. What does this mean in practice? Help in reducing accumulated elastin, which is characteristic of the aging skin under the influence of sunlight.



Melt one flat measuring cup once a day in a glass of water or juice. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day. Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute (replacement) of a diverse diet. Only a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet ensure the proper functioning of the body. The product cannot be used by people allergic to any of its ingredients. Use caution for people who are prone to kidney stones or struggle with kidney stones. Daily portion: 1g (one flat meter).


100% vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)


Store in a tightly closed packaging. Dietary supplements should be stored in an inaccessible way for young children.

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