Chocolate collagen 600g

139,99 zł

Chocolate collagen 600g

139,99 zł

The biggest absorbability of the best results!

Chocolate collagen is multikolagen, which was created from the combination of two different types of collagen I and III type - Relevant to health and the beautiful appearance of the skin.

Mixed collagens are characterized by different particle size - one molecular weight 3000 Daltonsand the other 5000 Daltonsthanks to which you managed to combine the micro-particle collagen fraction to ensure its greatest absorption, and thus - Best effects.

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One serving of chocolate collagen is as much as 25 g, which means that you deliver over 20 g of protein with an organism.
  • Collagen contains a natural aroma
  • Has low fat and sugar
  • It does not contain aspartame


Collagen has a delicious chocolate flavor and enriches with valuable nutritional values ​​almost every drink, among others Shejk, cocktail, coffee or a perfect addition for pancake cake or on waffles.





Recipe for rejuvenating coffee


  • brewed coffee (as you like)
  • Half of chocolate collagen measures
  • A teaspoon of coconut oil

A method of preparing:

Everything is mixed in a blender. You can add milk, eg vegetable or ice cubes and make a cold coffee.

Composition:Collagen hydrolyzate 87.2%, cocoa with reduced fat content 10%, natural milking aroma chocolate 2.5%, sweetener: sucralose