Collagen 90 tablets

38,99 zł

Collagen 90 tablets

38,99 zł
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Pure collagen in tablets, natural supplement - 90 tablets, 500mg


Pure collagen in the form of tablets - what is this product?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body. It must be constantly delivered to make sure that it will not be lacking in the body. It is noteworthy that it is the main structural protein, i.e. it is responsible for the proper functioning of the body.


Pure collagen in tablets is the perfect solution to complement collagen deficiencies and to improve its absorption from the body. Collagen in the form of hydrolyzed, i.e. the diet available in our supplement, is better absorbed from the intestines than in the form of food.


Pure collagen in tablets, available in our store offer, to Natural dietary supplement with a bright and unprocessed composition. It is closed in the form of tablets, which greatly facilitates the use of our product and obtaining a sufficiently large amount of collagen in a short time.


Pure collagen in capsules - Product composition

The main, or rather the only component of our product, is the hydrolyzed form of collagen in the amount of 497.5 mg of the active ingredient 500 mg portion.


What distinguishes pure collagen in tablets? Features, advantages

Our supplement is a guarantee of a pure product, rich in collagen. It does not contain gluten, lactose and other unnecessary fillers. Pure collagen in tablets is also free from GMO ingredients. The whole of these features means that this supplement can be used by virtually any person.


The great advantage of pure collagen in tablets is its price. Most market supplements with collagen are relatively expensive. Not with us. We believe that everyone should be able to maintain health, improve the appearance of the skin and more, as well as immunization of joints and alleviate inflammation. This pleasure with us costs only PLN 37.99 for 90 tablets. The amount of active ingredient is also noteworthy, which guarantees satisfying results.


Pure collagen in tablets - properties, how does it work, what does it help?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the human body. It is responsible for structural functions and support of many metabolic processes. When buying our pure collagen in tablets, you have a guarantee of these properties. It is worth looking at them.


Collagen has the following properties.

  • Improves the condition of hair, skin and nails,
  • It immunizes joints, muscles, bones to mechanical factors,
  • soothes inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • reduces allergic changes,
  • improves muscle regeneration after training,
  • affects the regulation of blood pressure,
  • It improves the prevention of cardiovascular system, cleaning the veins from fat deposits,
  • It works anti -inflammatory, regenerating the structure of damaged tissues.


Pure collagen in tablets has a lot of health properties. The above effects can be obtained and maintained thanks to regular collagen supplies to the body. This means that nowadays, where the lifestyle and the quality of nutrition leaves much to be desired, collagen becomes one of the most important preventive ingredients.


Pure collagen in the form of capsules - who do we recommend this supplement?

Our collagen in the form of tablets is a product dedicated to most people. The present times, abundant in rush and lack of time for regeneration, as well as effective and good nutrition, make us often struggling with deficiencies of various nutrients, often also collagen. Therefore, virtually everyone can and should use pure collagen in tablets from


What are the contraindications for the use of pure collagen in tablets?

People who should not use collagen with vitamin C in tablets are Pregnant and feeding women, as well as people allergic to any component of our supplement.


How to use collagen in the form of capsules? Dosage, daily consumption

Supplementation using pure collagen in the form of tablets should be used according to the manufacturer's recommendations placed on the packaging.


2 times a day, one tablet during a meal, drinking a lot of water.


Pure collagen, tablets - storage

The product should be stored in a tightly closed packaging, at room temperature and in a place that is not available to sunlight.

The product should be protected from children.


The effects of using pure collagen in capsules from our store. When can you expect effects?

The effects of the use of collagen depend on the daily dose and regularity of supplementation. The first health benefits can be noticed after 3-4 weeks of supplementation. The longer it is supplemented, the more visible the effects will be visible.


Pure collagen in tablets - certificates

Collagen in tablets (clean), like other products available in the online store, has quality certificates and the correct production process GMP, GHP and HACCP.


What else is worth buying except pure collagen in tablets?

For even greater health benefits, it is worth adding to our collagen bio chlorella and BIO spirulina powder, and Ashwagandha with magnesium, which support the processes of detoxification of the body, regulate basic health elements, such as blood pressure, etc., and also reduce stress intensity and fears of excessive cortisol concentration.


See articles on our blog on collagen and its actions and properties

You can find out more about the properties and operation of collagen in articles about Natural collagen properties and in the entry Fr. collagen.


Additional information about pure collagen in capsules, from our store

Available in packaging: 90 tablets

Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. To maintain the correct state, the most important is a balanced and diverse diet and an active lifestyle.

Best before:

The party number / shelf life / country of origin is on the packaging.

Manufacturer's data:

Manufacturer: Intenson S.A.

Kissing 94 g

05 - 480 Karczew



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1. Can collagen in tablets be used during pregnancy?

Possible use of collagen in this form, during pregnancy, is usually a contraindication. For accurate recommendations, you should consult a specialist doctor.


2. Can collagen in tablets be combined with its other forms?

Yes, by all means. Collagen as a protein necessary for the body can be combined with another supplement containing this ingredient.


3. Can collagen in pure form in the form of tablets be used during injury?

Yes, collagen has fantastic properties to support the regeneration of damaged structures during exercise or other activities. Interestingly, the type of protein is used in injections to local or general by orthopedic doctors.


4. What is the shelf life of pure collagen in tablets?

The shelf life of the supplement for consumption is always on the label of the purchased product. There you can often read the exact date of the product.


5. Can pure collagen in tablets be combined with drugs?

The combination of collagen in this form with drugs prescribed by a doctor is a contraindication. There is a risk of cross reactions that can be serious.