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RL9 Espresso coffee, 1000g

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RL9 espresso coffee


A small black with a large dose of energy!


Nothing stimulates all the senses in the morning, like the smell of aromatic coffee ... do you know this wonderful feeling? Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and for no reason. It has invaluable taste values, and thanks to the content of caffeine, it has properties to support the body's stimulation. It supports the efficiency of thinking, improving memory and concentration, which especially appreciate people learning and mentally working. If we do not exaggerate the quantity of drinking cups, coffee in healthy and natural way adds energy every day.


Espresso is characterized by high intensity, strong aroma and cream foam. Thanks to the dark smoking, weaker acidity is sensitive than in other coffee. It is a drink with a note of bitter chocolate, cocoa, walnuts and tobacco.




* Smoking level: 4/5


* aroma: 4/5


* Intensity: 5/5


* Acidity: 2/5


What is particularly hidden in Coffee RL9?


Preparation of the RL9 Coffee product line took two years of intense work, starting from careful selection of coffee plantations, by refining the blend sensors, to creating a visual concept of packaging. In the production of coffee, RL9 watched the trainers, experienced roasters, enthusiasts, involved gourmets, sensors and barists, whose knowledge allowed together to create an interesting line of high-quality coffee, with rich flavoring qualities.


The database of products is high-quality specially selected grains from South America, Asia and Africa. Blend was created as a result of cooperation between experienced sensors who have developed a unique composition of coffee. Their goal was to search for an ideal combination of flavors and aromas to get the perfect crem and espresso. The resulting mixture is characterized by a delicate bitter and rolled acidity. The whole gives us pleasant "body". Coffee can be served in any form: espresso, americano, latte, etc.


Ingredients:100% natural coffee roasted arabic


Producer: RL9



Net weight 1kg