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FBA Energy Drink Cherry 250 ml -

Energy Drink Cherry, 250ml

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Energy Drink Cherry 250ml


Energy Drink Apple & Cherry is just high quality natural ingredients - apple juice, cherry juice, guarana extract and natural caffeine.


A fruit taste of a drink combined with a delicate gas refresh and refreshes, and guarana and caffeine intensively stimulate.


All this so that you can enjoy your day without unnecessary energy drops.


The advantages of our natural Energy Drink:


* Delicious fruit taste


* Energy growth


* Improving concentration


*Better mood


* No artificial accessories


A convenient can that you can take with you everywhere.


Pasteurized. It is not recommended to use in children, pregnant women and breastfeeding women. Inscribable for caffeine sensitive. Do not mix with alcohol.


Ingredients: Apple juice reconstructed from a concentrate 69.5%, cherry juice reconstructed from 30% concentrate, carbon dioxide, natural caffeine 0.032%, guarany extract 0.02%.


Producer: Levann



Net volume 250ml