Kisiel KIDS-a natural dessert from superfoods

Kisiel KIDS - naturalny deser z superfoods
Kisiele KIDS is a natural impression of popular dessert. It has a simple composition, without any artificial additives, and also a delicious taste. Composed on the basis of tapioca, which is a source of valuable energy in two flavour versions-strawberry and pineapple with the addition of valuable superfoods. In the strawberry kisiel we find goji berries and acai berry extract with antioxidant properties, and in the pineapple bobab, which distinguishes itself with a high content of vitamin C. Kisiel does not contain white sugar, and its sweetness owes to cane sugar. In addition, it has been enriched with vitamin C, which supports the immune system, so it is an excellent proposition for the autumn season. What distinguishes Kisiel KIDS?
  • is natural
  • has a delicious taste
  • is with the addition of superfoods
  • does not contain white sugar
  • is based on tapioca
  • with the addition of vitamin C
  • supports the immune system