Organic Ashwagandha - 200 tablets

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Organic Ashwagandha - 200 tablets

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Ecological Ashwagandha Bio in tablets, natural supplement - 200 tablets


Bio ashwagandha (ecological) in tablets- what is this product?

Ashwagandha in tablets, it's Certified dietary supplement And the form of one of the most recognizable plants from the adaptogen group. Ashwagandha in the form of BIO is an excellent midfielder for the sake of your hormonal and mental health. This plant is responsible for the adaptation of the body to various environmental stressors, which facilitates the daily functioning of the body.


Ashwagandha brand Intensek is a mobile and ecological form of a dietary supplement with a preventive and calming effect on the body. Thanks to this preparation, you will definitely get a better sleep, more efficient regeneration, better well -being and performance of nerve tissue, which nowadays is practically constantly burdened. Bio Ashwagandha in the form of capsules is a milder character than the extract that causes a strong silencing effect. Ta Ashwagandha can be used on an ad hoc basis.


Ecological Bio Ashwagandha, tablets - Product composition

The composition of BIO Ashwagandy is very natural, which makes this supplement extremely safe to use. It consists of only powdered Ashwagandy root and as an anti -caking substance - silicon dioxide. Ashwagandy root in a 500 milligram tablet is up to 495 mg!


What distinguishes our Bio Ashwagandha in capsules? Features, advantages

The factor that distinguishes this adaptogen is undoubtedly its price. For 200 tablets of our preparation, only PLN 59.99 should be allocated. As for such an effective plant, it is a very affordable price that allows you to buy a supplement for the next 3 months.


Another advantage of our product is its clean composition, which does not contain additional substances. Bio Ashwagandha in tablets is a product free from GMO, gluten and lactose, which means that even people who suffer from intestinal problems should not have trouble with the tolerance of our Ashwagandha.


Ashwagandha Bio in the form of capsules - properties how it works, what does it help?

Ecological Ashwagandha is a plant from the adaptogen group that has many properties supporting the work of the human body. As a strong adaptogen, Ashwagandha has the following properties:

  • facilitates regeneration,
  • allows you to fall asleep faster and get a qualitative sleep without waking up,
  • improves muscle strength,
  • facilitates hormonal regulation,
  • reduces stress tenses,
  • regulates the level of cortisol,
  • supports the body's immunity,
  • improves nervous conductivity,
  • contributes to the improvement of cognitive abilities,
  • It has a positive effect on some physiological parameters of the body (e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.).


Ashwagandha Bio is definitely a plant with many properties. This makes it one of the best companions on the way for better health and well -being.


Ashwagandha bio in tablets - who do we recommend this supplement?

Indian ginseng is an excellent support for the body's immunity, well-being and daily prevention. Equally important, Ashwagandha has a positive effect on better sleep and its quality, which translates into the work of many systems of our body. For this reason, we recommend this supplement to most consumer groups who want to support their health and prevention. However, one should remember a few important contraindications referred to in the next paragraph.


What are the contraindications to the use of BIO Ashwagandy in capsules?

Despite the fact that the ecological form of Ashwagandy is a strongly tested substance and having unique supporting properties, you need to keep in mind certain groups of people who must not be used by Ashwagandy. They are:

  • Pregnant and nursing women,
  • People using drugs with sedative, sleeping pills and anti -epileptic effects,
  • Small children.


If you have doubts and you don't know if you can supplement Bio Ashwagandha, consult your attending physician.


How to use Ashwagandha Bio in tablets? Dosage, daily consumption

In order to obtain the greatest health benefits, follow the supplementation recommendations of our product placed on the label. The correct BIO Ashwagandhy supplementation and dosage is as follows. Indian ginseng should be supplemented with 1-2 tablets twice a day. Do not exceed the recommended portion for consumption during the day.


Ecological Ashwagandha Bio in tablets - storage

Dietary supplements should be stored in an inaccessible way for young children. The product should be stored in the original packaging, at room temperature in a dry place.


The effects of using Ashwagandy Bio. When can you expect effects?

Ashwagandha supplementation usually takes place in an ad hoc or chronic way. It all depends on the purpose and purpose that this type of supplement is to bring with it. With regular use of BIO Ashwagandy, it is worth waiting for the effects about 1 week. The longer Ashwagandha is used, the more satisfactory.


Tablets with ecological bio ashwagandha - certificates

Like other products available in our online store, Bio Ashwagandha has the necessary quality certificates and the correct production process GMP, GHP and HACCP. Bio Ashwagandha also has certificates confirming its ecological origin.


What else is worth buying except the ecological Bio Ashwagandy from the Intenson store?

Support for daily prevention, improvement of sleep quality and tension regulation are very important elements of a properly conducted lifestyle. To take care of this aspect even more effectively, it is worth reaching for bio chlorella, Sea collagen with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, and Tablets with Ashwagandy Anti-Stress extract with magnesium.


See the article on our blog about Ashwagandy - its actions and properties

Due to the increasing popularity of adaptogenic supplements, it is worth taking a little deeper look at Ashwagandhy properties and action, which is called the "queen of adaptogens". Getting to know its action will help in a better understanding of the importance of natural medicine.


Additional information about bio ashwaganda in tablets

Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. To maintain the correct state, the most important is a balanced and diverse diet and an active lifestyle.

Available in packaging: 200 tablets

Best before:

The party number / shelf life / country of origin is on the packaging.

Manufacturer's data:

Manufacturer: Intenson S.A.

Kissing 94 g

05 - 480 Karczew




  1. Singh N, Bhalla M, De Jager P, Gilca M. An overview on Ashwagandha: A rasayana (rejuvenator) of ayurveda. AFR J Tradit Complement Altern Med. 2011; 8 (5 Suppl): 208-13. doi: 10.4314/ajtcam.v8i5s.9. EPUB 2011 JUL 3. PMID: 22754076; PMCID: PMC3252722.




1. Can Bio Ashwagandha be used during pregnancy?

The use of this product is a contraindication in the case of pregnancy, the feeding period and in the case of the use of specific types of drugs, e.g. sleeping pills, sedatives.


2. Can Ashwagandha Bio in the form of tablets be combined with other supplements?

Mostly Ashwagandha should be supplemented separately. Adaptogens should not be combined with each other or other active ingredients available in dietary supplements. Between the use of Ashwagandha and another preparation, it is worth keeping a distance of several hours.


3. Can Bio Ashwagandha be used during the day?

The answer is - it depends. Due to the sleeping and silencing action of Ashwagandha, it should be supplemented in the evening before going to bed, however, there are cases in which Ashwagandha can be considered during the day, e.g., hyperactivity. However, it is worth consulting such an idea with a specialist.


4. What is the shelf life of Ashwagandy Bio in tablets?

The shelf life of the supplement is placed on the product label. It is usually a period of several months or more (depending on the type of product).


5. Can Bio Ashwagandha be combined with drugs?

Definitely not. Unfortunately, no one is able to predict the exact reactions between the active ingredients of the plant supplement and the active ingredients contained in specialized drugs prescribed by the doctor.


Producent: Intenson

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Bio Ashwagandha - 200 tabletek

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Bio Ashwagandha - 200 tabletek

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The tablets is helpful, especially for a GYM, very helpful!

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Bio Ashwagandha - 200 tabletek

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Bio Ashwagandha - 200 tabletek

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Bio Ashwagandha - 200 tabletek

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