Epidemiologist: limiting contacts between people Our best weapon in the fight against coronavirus

Epidemiolog: ograniczenie kontaktów między ludźmi naszą najlepszą bronią w walce z koronawirusem

Limiting contacts between people play a key role in speeds spread to viruses in the population. It will help to delay the spread of the virus, thanks to which more infected people will be able to receive help and recover - explains Dr Rafał Mostowy from the Jagiellonian University.

The rapid pace of the SARS-COV-2 virus is the result of two factors: relatively fast transmission (on average, each infected person transmits the virus between 2 and 4 other people) and a few-day period called asymppomatic, when we pass the virus further without symptoms of the disease - resembles in PAP commentary Biologist of infectious diseases and epidemiologist dr Rafał Mostowy from the Małopolska Center for Biotechnology at the Jagiellonian University and the Association of Science.

On Tuesday, all mass events were made to dismiss in Poland, and on Wednesday to close all educational institutions and higher education institutions until March 25.

Dr. Bridge explains that reducing contacts between people through such activities - called social distance - is now very important, because it plays a key role in the speed of spreading such viruses in the population.

"Social distance will help to delay the spread of the virus in the population" - marks the biologist.

"Many people are wondering why to distance socially, if most of us will have contact with the virus sooner or later. First of all, because less people will die. Hospitals are not able to cure in a short time of all patients, and because patients will arrive now avalanche, in a moment he can run out for them in hospitals. If the principles of social distance are introduced, this will not charge such a large degree of health, because patients will gradually appear in the hospital in a smaller amount "- explains.

Dr. Bridge notes that there are other reasons why the epidemic slowing is so important now. "Social distance means fewer contacts with a virus, and therefore a lower probability of infection. After all, even being young and healthy does not guarantee that the contact with the virus will not end tragically, so each of us should defend him in front of him. Besides, it is better to avoid infection and stay in the hospital in the first weeks of the epidemic. Social distance also will also help our oldest relative and acquaintances to avoid a high risk associated with infection, and that's what we should fear the most. Finally, the slowdown of the epidemic will help to gain valuable time in the race for creating a vaccine for coronavirus, and according to the most optimistic scenarios, we need a dozen or so months "- describes.

The biologist emphasizes that draconian funds introduced by a government in China (eg closing public transport, control of citizens' mobility) showed that the Coronavirus epidemic can also slow down, but definite steps are needed. "In Europe, we also have large restrictions on the freedom of movement, but we are not able to decide on such drastic steps as in China. Therefore, it is crucial that we also contribute to this fight by implementing social distance in our lives" - marks .

So what should we do? First of all, you should calmly and prudently approach the current situation. Let's continue what we do every day, but let's start bringing a few changes to your daily lives that will minimize the risk of contact with the disease - advises.

"Let's appeal all the necessary business trips and meetings; let's think about which we can carry out from Skype's conversation; let's consider working out of the house, if we have such a possibility or ask your superiors or allow it; if we have to go to work, let's go by car or By bicycle and not a bus. Similarly in private life, let's eat dinner at home instead of going to the restaurant; let's rel like a concert or leave the theater; let's do some shopping in the week instead of three; let's call your friends instead of meeting personally. What's very important, do not serve Hands and do not offend how someone does not give it to us. The World Health Organization also recommends frequent hand washing and should be done exactly for about 20 seconds "- calculates.

It also notes that one of the most frequently emerging information about the coronavirus is to say that the coronavirus is like a flu virus and the global reaction to its spread is exaggerated. "This statement is not only untrue, but also may advise us in the fight against the Koronavirus pandemia" - emphasizes the biologist.

In addition to the difference in the symptoms that both viruses cause, coronavirus is a much more serious influenza virus. With the latest estimates of scientists who analyze the current epidemiological data, it appears that the coronavirus is about 10 times more fatal from the influenza virus. Importantly, mortality increases with the age of an infected person, reaching about 20 percent. In people after 80 years of age, which were diagnosed with the disease. What's worse, the coronavirus seems aggressively than flu to attack the respiratory system causing breathing problems and pneumonia.

"The upcoming weeks and months will be crucial in understanding, with how a dangerous infectious disease, we deal with and whether its parameters are similar to more optimistic or pessimistic epidemiological models. At this moment one is certain - the number of patients will be on the coming days to complain with avalanche, which is why ours Personal activities will have a health translation not only of ourselves, but also our relatives as well as relatives and friends. Let us apply social distance in your own already today "- recommends.

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