Organic VIRGIN coconut oil 900 ml

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900ml 3x900ml 6x900ml

Organic VIRGIN coconut oil 900 ml

36,99 zł


900ml 3x900ml 6x900ml

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Cold pressed (unrefined)

Ecological unrefined coconut oil has a pleasant coconut aroma. Coconut oil is solid up to approximately 25°C and liquid above this temperature. Its state of matter does not affect the taste or quality of the product.

  • ·        Our oil originates from traditionally harvested plantations.
  • ·        It is pressed directly after harvest at sterile and modern, BRC- and IFS-certified plants in the Philippines or Sri Lanka.
  • ·        Oil parameters are constantly monitored in order to avoid non-authenticity and exclude poor quality.
  • ·        The oil is bottled with utmost care at our plant, following IFS quality procedures.
  • ·        We use the local supplier services.


Ingredients: 100% BIO virgin coconut oil

Use: for baking and cooking. Perfect substitute for animal fats, such as butter.

Coconut oil – why organic is best

The word “virgin” connotates positively with oils, but an organic product will be much more beneficial to our health. And the difference is not in the small details at all! Read why organic oil is better than virgin oil without this label.

Taste, but most importantly, quality!

One of the biggest differences between organic and normal virgin oil lies in the pressing process. Organic oil is pressed directly from a fresh coconut. This is the healthiest coconut, as it contains many vitamins and micronutrients. It is worth remembering that the fresher the coconut, the strongest its properties. A large portion of virgin (non-organic) oils is pressed from shreds, which not only changes the taste (the oil is “bland”, tastes like soapsuds instead of a coconut), but more importantly, significantly affects quality. Non-certified oil is usually made from old coconuts which are dried and preserved, so they can be transported to Europe. This results in oxidized which contains preservatives and contaminants accumulated during transport.

Origin matters!

Not only the part of the coconut the oil is made from is important. It is a good idea to check the country of origin on the oil label in order to be a conscious consumer and not contribute to tropical forest clearing, among other things. The best choice would be a country where coconuts constitute an integral part of the natural environment and are grown on sustainable plantations, such as those in the Philippines, which offer the highest quality. Of course, only those with organic and other certificates which guarantee quality, e.g. IFS-certified production plants. The coconut drying method is important as well. The traditional ones are the most beneficial, as compared to fire-dried coconuts, sun-dried ones are completely safe and contain no tarry substance contaminants e.g. PAHs.

Consider this information the next time you buy coconut oil and remember that the details are often key to making choices that are healthy and beneficial for our bodies.

Nutritional value per 100 g of product

Energy value

3704 kJ / 885 kcal

Fat, of which:

- saturates

100 g

94 g


- of which sugars

0 g

0 g


0 g


0 g

Store at room temperature in a dry and dark place, in a tightly closed container. After opening, store refrigerated and use within 3 months.

Net volume 900 mL

Manufacturer: INTENSON S.A.

Całowanie 94g

05-480 Karczew

Producent: Intenson

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  • Nawet kilkaset złotych oszczędności rocznie,
  • Możliwość zarządzania subskrypcją: edytowanie, zmiana produktów w subskrypcji, czy częstotliwości ich dostawy,
  • Możliwość anulowania w dowolnym momencie,
  • Oszczędność czasu, nie musisz pamiętać o ponownych zamówieniach.

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BIO olej kokosowy VIRGIN 900ml

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Jestem zadowolona z tego kontaktu.

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Super super super

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Uwielbiam wasze produkty

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Szybka realizacja. Bardzo dobra jakość oleju. Polecam innym.

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