Bio chlorella 200 tablets 500 mg

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Bio chlorella 200 tablets 500 mg

49,99 zł

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Bio ecological chlorella 200 tablets, natural supplement - 500mg


Bio Chlorella from the Intenson store - what is this product?


Chlorella from the Intenson online store is an effective formula belonging to natural dietary supplements And the Japanese alge, which is a health -promoting alge, which is ecological chlorella. This supplement was created for people overworked, affected by toxins and many metabolites formed as a result of drugs, as well as for stressed people and those who would like to improve the appearance of the skin and strengthen the body's immunity.



Due to the universality of ecological Chlorella in tablets, it can be used by virtually every group of people interested in a healthy lifestyle.



Ecological chlorella in tablets - Product composition

The product consists of only natural ingredients. The main and practically the only component of our supplement is bio chlorella powdered. It is accompanied by an anti -circuitous substance - silicon dioxide.



What distinguishes ecological chlorella in tablets? Features, advantages


Features that distinguish bio chlorella from the competition are Clean and natural composition of the supplement, as well as the lack of unnecessary additives in the form of GMOs, gluten or lactose, which means that most consumer groups can easily use goodness offered by ecological chlorella.

Another benefit that distinguishes our product is its price. For a bio chlorella treatment in the form of 200 tablets, You only need PLN 55.99.


Ecological chlorella in the form of tablets - properties how it works, what does it help?


Bio Chlorella is an ingredient that naturally occurs under the surface of the water, most often in Japan. It is characterized by strong detoxifying properties of the body.


Chlorella contains many valuable ingredients for health, such as vitamins and minerals, which makes it also a nutritional source for the body.


Ecological Chlorella has the following properties:

  • helps in detoxifying the body,
  • supports the liver and pancreas,
  • is a natural source of iron for vegans and vegetarians,
  • supports the body's immunity,
  • relieves intestinal motility disorders,
  • Supports the work of the circulatory and nervous systems.


Due to the valuable properties also supporting the body's efficiency, Bio Chlorella can also be used by athletes on plant diets.


Bio chlorella intenson - nutritional value


Content in the recommended daily portion of the product:


3 tablets (1500mg)


6 tablets (3000mg)


vitamin B12





Beta carotene

2.82 mg


5.64 mg



1485 mg


2970 mg



*Reference value for consumption for the average adult (8400kJ/200kcal)

** no settling standards


BIO Chlorella certified - who do we recommend this supplement?


Ecological Chlorella, available in our online store, is a product with a natural and hypoallergenic composition. This means that it can be successfully used in most consumer groups.

We suggest the ecological supplementation of chlorella in the form of tablets active women and men who are on plant diets and every group of people who want to take care of their health and prevention from the natural side.


What are the contraindications to the use of bio chlorella in tablets?


Our natural product It cannot be used in children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, or in the case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.


How to use ecological chlorella in tablets? Dosage, daily consumption of H2


In order to obtain as many positive effects as possible, we suggest the following dosing method of bio chlorelli. You must consume 3 tablets twice a day. The time of supplementation does not matter in this case. Do not exceed the recommended portion for consumption during the day.


BIO Chlorella with a quality certificate - storage


Ecological chlorella, available in the Intenson online store, should be Store in an inaccessible way for young children, in the original packaging, at room temperature, protecting it from light and moisture.


The effects of using ecological chlorella in tablets from our store. When can you expect effects?

Bio chlorella supplementation requires regularity in use. First, the body is saturated with the ingredients contained in our supplement. The first effects of using Chlorella will be noticeable after a period of 3 weeks.


Bio chlorella in tablets - certificates


The ecological version of Chlorelli from the Intenson store is a high -quality product, with numerous certificates, confirming the correct manufacturing process while maintaining proper hygiene and European standards. We have GMP, GHP and HACCP certificates for this supplement.


What else is worth buying except ecological chlorella in tablets?


The Intenson brand offer is constantly expanding. In connection with the health -promoting bio chlorella action, we suggest completing your shelf with dietary supplements about BIO spirulina powder and collagen with vitamin C for drinking, which perfectly complement the ingredients, the necessary behavior of skin health and its appendages, and also allow effective immunity and prevention.


Additional information about Chlorelli with a quality certificate, in the form of tablets, from our store


Available in packaging: 200 tablets

Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. To maintain the correct state, the most important is a balanced and diverse diet and an active lifestyle.

Net mass: 100g

1 tablet 500mg

Best before:

The party number / shelf life / country of origin is on the packaging.

Manufacturer's data:

Manufacturer: Intenson S.A.

Kissing 94 g

05 - 480 Karczew



  1. Panahi y, Darvishi B, Jowzi n, Beiraghdar f, Sahebkar A. Chlorella vulgaris: a multifunctional dietary supplement with diverse medical properties. Curr Pharm des. 2016; 22 (2): 164-73.





1. Can ecological chlorella in tablets be used to support colds?

Of course. Bio Chlorella is a supplement that provides the necessary ingredients for the body, which it uses to improve the immune system and more efficient removal of pathogens from the body.


2. Can ecological chlorella be combined with its other supplements?

Yes, it can be combined with other preparations. It is a natural ingredient, often treated as an element of a daily diet, the main ingredients of bio chlorelli are vitamins and minerals that man needs every day. However, if there are doubts in the use of this supplement, we encourage you to contact a specialist.


3. Can bio chlorella in the form of tablets be used during anemia?

You can. Bio Chlorella is a product that, in its mineral composition, contains a vegetable form of iron that can be supportive in such cases. However, it will not replace dedicated treatment.


4. What is the shelf life of Chlorella with a certificate?

The shelf life of the supplement for consumption is always on the label of the purchased product. In the vast majority of cases it is a few months, even over half a year.


5. Can ecological chlorella in tablets be combined with drugs?

The combination of chlorelle in this form with drugs prescribed by a doctor is a contraindication. There is a risk of cross reactions that can adversely affect the body of the body and lead to many violent symptoms.

Producent: Intenson

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Bio chlorella 100 % 200 tabletek

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Polecam chlorellę

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otrzymałam szybko, wygląda że jest ok, jak działa - okaże się ???

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zamówienie ,otrzymałem.

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Bio chlorella 200 tbl 500mg

Bardzo dobry produkt - to skondensowane, czyste pożywienie :) Suplementacja jest konieczna w obecnych czasach, przy tym zanieczyszczeniu środowiska i zubożenia w wartości wielu produktów, w szczególności warzyw i owoców oraz przetwarzania żywności...

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