Intenson is officially a sponsor of E.Leclerc Moya Radomka Radom!

INTENSON oficjalnie sponsorem E.LECLERC MOYA Radomki Radom!

On September 28, Intenson signed a contract on being an official sponsor E.Leclerc Moya Radomki Radom in the 2020/2021 season.

According to the Mission of Intenson, it is actively involved in projects that support a healthy lifestyle. This time, the support was received by the E.Leclerc Moya Radomka sports club, which Intenson became an official sponsor.

On Monday afternoon at the club's headquarters, a sponsorship agreement was signed, which opens not only a new chapter for the Intenson brand, but also for E.Leclerc Moya Radomka.

"We are happy that Intenson joins the Romine family. The company's products are ideally composed with the sports and healthy life mode of the player " - said Łukasz Kruk, Club Director.

"Cooperation with E.Leclerc Moya Radomka is another stage of development of our brand. Sports and, above all, a healthy lifestyle is the values ​​confessive together. We hope our support and our products will contribute to success this season " - President Intenson P. Michał Lasocki.

Women's volleyball club E.Leclerc Moya Radomka is a club with traditions founded in 1971. During the first decade of its activity, he was promoted to the first league in which he participated for several seasons.