Erittritol – the ideal alternative to sugar

Erytrytol – idealna alternatywa dla cukru
Erytritol is a sweetener that is produced in the process of natural fermentation of fruits, which unlike popular sweeteners makes it a healthy and safe alternative to sugar. The greatest advantage of erythitral is its low-calorieism. 1 gram erytritol contains just 0.2 calories (sugar 4 calories, and xylitol 2.4), keeping as much as 70% sweets, which has traditional sugar. Treating it completely mathematically – for 6% of calories of sugar we get as much as 70% of its sweets. Low-calorie is just one of the many advantages of erytritol. What else proves its uncompetitiveness with traditional sugar? Does not raise blood glucose levels The human body does not have enzymes that digest erytritol. It is absorbed into the bloodstream and then excreted unchanged. This does not increase blood glucose levels and does not affect insulin secretion. There is also no effect on cholesterol or triglycerides. For reasons of such properties, it is an excellent alternative to sugar for diabetics, or people struggling with metabolic ailments. Does not cause caries Dental bacteria love all kinds of sweets, as this gives them the necessary energy to reproduce, which consequently leads to caries. However, they are not able to digest erytritol, so it does not provide a medium for harmful bacteria. Some studies show a positive effect of erythion on the condition of the mouth, reducing the amount of harmful bacteria. No gastrointestinal irritation Erytritol is absorbed immediately in a thin intestine, so it does not irritate the digestive system, nor provokes diarrhea or indigestion, like other sweeteners. No negative effect has been detected in the studies carried out, which means that erythytratol is also safe in long-term use. Source: