Yerba Mate Rosamonte Elaborada 500g

24,99 zł

Yerba Mate Rosamonte Elaborada 500g

24,99 zł
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Yerba Mate Rosamonte Elaborada


Rosamonte is produced in a family company. From 1936, they deal with planting, harvesting and drying Mate tea. Rosamonte was made of an exclusive selection of raw materials. This mate tea acquires a characteristic intense taste during storage. Rosamonte Traditional


• storage: 12 months


• Made of stalk


• Intensive taste


Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.


Method of use: Preparation in the French press / teapot: take about 12 g of Mate tea for 1 liter and brew a temperature of 80 degrees for about 5 minutes


Ingredients: yerba mate, smoke


Place of origin: Argentina


This product is gluten -free (suitable for celiac disease).


Net weight 500g