Yerba Mate CBSe silueta 500g

24,99 zł

Yerba Mate CBSe silueta 500g

24,99 zł
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Yerba Mate Cbse Silueta

 The history of CBSE began in 1978. At that time, the founders considered the launch of a new product by combining Yerba Mate with digestive mountain herbs: the first mixed Yerba Mate in Argentina. The company started operating as a small family project with a factory and a warehouse in Santa Fe. Later, they have grown and today they have myelids in the provinces of Misiones, San Juan and Yerba Mate in Cordoba and La Rioja. Dr. A. Cormillot added to this delicious Yerba Mate, the properties of wine rose, Italian fennel, bladder, menthol, lemon shrub, boldo. It is also connected with a hint of green apple, which additionally complements the taste. It contains vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12 and. Especially for those who want a balanced diet, Yerba Mate day, Italian fennel and bladder helps to overcome toxins. Boldo, lemon shrub and menthol also have special digestive and liver protecting properties. Rose guilty brings a feeling of well -being.

 Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

 Method of use: Preparation in the French press / teapot: take about 12 g Mate tea for 1 liter and brew at 80 degrees for about 5 minutes.

 Ingredients: Mate tea (60.93%), turbine lippia (35.34%), wild rose (0.66%), fennel (0.5%), Fucus (0.5%), mint (0.5% ), lemon shrub (0.5%), bold (0.5%), natural apple flavor (0.55%), smoke


Place of origin: Argentina


This product is gluten -free (suitable for people with celiac disease).


Net weight 500g