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Smoothie in a bottle of Ananas &Acerola, 250 ml
Smoothie in a bottle of Ananas & Acerola, 250 ml -

Pineapple & Acerola Smoothie, 250ml

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Smoothies Foods by Ann in a glass bottle.

A delicious, natural multi-fruit snack to drink consisting of juices and purees, sugar-free and artificial additives. Guarantees good taste and rich nutritional values: vitamins and minerals, perfectly affecting the functioning of the whole body.

Pineapple & amp; Acerola-power!
This vitamin C-rich combination will give you strength and power! I also added turmeric to this flavor version. This unique blend will effectively strengthen your body's immunity. Infections out!


Smoothie is the perfect multi-fruit snack full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Pineapple & acerola Smoothie has been specially composed to help your body's immunity. Pineapple fruit, aceroli and turmeric extract are a wealth of antioxidants and vitamins, which support your immune system and help defend you against infection!

Why reach for a smoothie?

The Smoothie has a big advantage over juices because it contains all parts of the plant, including fiber. Fruit fiber is a natural source of plant fiber, which helps keep your digestive tract working properly. Many studies also show that providing the right amount of fiber every day helps maintain a normal weight, reduce the risk of Dietetic diseases and regulate digestion. Fiber also supports the proper functioning of the gut microbiome, which has huge impact on our body's immunity.


Pineapple is an excellent source of antioxidants. We find in it many different groups of antioxidants, which include: vitamins, polyphenols and minerals necessary for proper action of antioxidant enzymes. Pineapple has a high content of vitamin C, β-carotene and many other substances with beneficial effects. One of them is bromelain. It supports regenerative, anti-inflammatory processes, facilitates digestion, pain reduction, regulation of the immune system and accelerated wound healing.


Acerola is a cherry cultivar with extremely strong properties supporting antioxidant processes. It is considered one of the best and richest sources of Natural Vitamin C. It should also be remembered that acerola is rich in other antioxidant groups, e.g. polyphenols. Such a high content of antioxidants makes acerola help fight infection in many different ways, supports our immune system, helps reduce inflammation and facilitates action antimicrobial.


The beneficial properties of turmeric are mainly based on the high content of substances that support antioxidant processes. Extracts of this spice help to calm inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, support the immune system and facilitate antibacterial processes. Turmeric has been used in Eastern medicine for many centuries to aid reducing the risk of obesity and problems with maintaining normal sugar and blood pressure. Turmeric helps to improve the blood lipid profile and balance cholesterol levels.

Producer: Foods by Ann

Ingredients: pineapple juice, banana puree, apple puree, lyophilised acerola fruit, turmeric extract



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