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Pocket Energy Bar Kakao & Malina 35g -
Pocket Energy Bar Kakao & Malina 35g -
Pocket Energy Bar Kakao & Malina 35g -

Pocket Energy Bar Cocoa & Raspberry 35g

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Natural date-based bars are my definite bestseller! They are delicious, healthy and filling.

Ideal for those who live actively and need a fast, yet healthy and delicious source of energy. Properly selected ingredients not only satisfy hunger and stimulate action, but also positively affect the functioning of the whole body.

Energy Bars are great at home, work or while traveling. Also mothers and children rave about their taste and pleasant texture. You can take them to school, extracurricular activities or weekend getaways.

The combination of raspberry and cocoa results in a real antioxidant bomb that helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure, as well as strengthen the heart.

My bars are 100% natural and do not contain added sugar. They are great as a snack and as a meal before and after training.

Manufacturer: Foods by Ann

Net weight: 35 g

Ingredients: dates, cashews, coconut, dried raspberry, cocoa