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Chia Seeds - Spanish Sage -
Chia Seeds - Spanish Sage -
Nasiona Chia - Szałwia Hiszpańska -
Nasiona Chia - Szałwia Hiszpańska -

Seeds of Chia-Spanish shawl

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CHIA Seeds of Spanish sage

(Salvia hispanica L)

Chia, also known as Spanish sage, is a source of protein, has a high content of dietary fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, and many minerals and vitamins.


How to use: You can consume directly as a supplement to salads, oatmeal, musli, cocktails, boiled groats, potatoes, as a sprinkling of vegetables. Ground seeds can be combined with flour eg. for baking cakes and bread, and for preparation of soups and pancakes. The daily consumption of seeds should not exceed 15 g (approx. 3 teaspoons). The seeds of the Spanish sage may be used in bakery products up to a maximum of 10%.

Pudding recipe for chia seeds from mango: Blend a glass of vegetable milk (eg. almond) with 1 spoon of honey. Then pour 0,25 glass of chia seeds into the bowl and pour the milk mix. Cover the foil and get up on the night for the fridge. The next day, peel the mango, cut off the pestle, and wipe it in the blender. Get the puree received into the pudding received. Decorate your dessert with your favorite fruit. Dessert can be dosed with xylitol or coconut sugar.

What to use chia seeds for?

10 ways

1. The chia seeds are perfectly suited as a substitute for vegan recipes.

"Egg" from chia seeds in one simple step!

1 spoon of chia seeds on 2.5 tablespoons of water.

  1. Due to its consistency, ideally suited as a thickener to soups and sauces.
  2. To do delicious and quick to do chia puddings.
  3. Mixed with lemon water as an energetic booster.
  4. Added to your favorite smoothie to increase its nutritional value with valuable Omega acids.
  5. From chia seeds you can perform a low calorie jam.
  6. To swell smuses or salads.
  7. If you do not like the consistency of chia seeds you can grind them in a coffee grinders and such powder add to smoothie or cocktails.
  8. For all kinds of pastries, including bread.
  9. The seeds of the chia are planted like a carnivore, and the sprouts of chia are smeared with every salad or a sandwich.

 Nutrient value in 100 g of product * *

Energy value 1864 kJ/452 kcal

Fat, including: 

-saturated fatty acids

-monounsaturated fatty acids 


of which:

-omega-3 acids

33 g

3.3 g

2.2 g

27 g


18 g (3000% *)

Carbohydrates, including:


0.5 g

< 0,1 g

Fibre 33 g
Protein 23 g
Salt 0.13 g
Calcium 543 mg (68% *)
Iron 7.72 mg (55% *)
Magnesium 337 mg (90% *)
Zinc 6.06 mg (61% *)
Folic acid 49 µ g (24% *)


*Reference consumption value for an average adult person (8 400 kJ/2 000 kcal)

Features: 100% seed of Spanish sage

Country of origin *: Bolivia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru




Kissing 94 G

05-480 Karczew


The date of use for consumption and the batch number indicated on the package. 

Store in the original, tightly closed packaging. Protect from foreign smells and sunrays. 


Available in packs: 150 g, 250 g, 350 g, 1000 g, 2,5 kg

* depending on the lot (the current country of origin on the packaging)

** depending on the lot (current nutritional value on the packaging)

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