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Muesli Superfoods Concentration 200 g -
Superfoods muesli Concentration 200 g -

Musli Superfoods Concentrating 200 g

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Musli Superfoods Concentrating 200 g

Oatmeal + concentration belong to the category of musli, which have been formed by combining oatmeal and rock-buckled flakes. The product is characterized by a high content of dietary fibre and is a source of iron and magnesium. This composition gives a guarantee of delicious taste and provides the substances necessary for effective mental work and good concentration. In combination with a dairy product or a plant drink, it is an ideal composition for a morning meal before work, school or intensive science.



How to use: Use as a supplement to milk, yoghurt, desserts or for direct consumption as a nutritious snack.

A recipe for a yoghurt dessert with sparkling and fruit:

At the bottom of the glass we put in a musli (ok. 0,5 glasses). We arrange the natural yoghurt and any carefully washed yogurt. Dessert can be dosed with xylitol or coconut sugar.


Nutrient value per 100 g product

Energy value

1679 kJ/345kcal

Fat, including:

-saturated fatty acids

9.3 g

1.5 g

Carbohydrates, including:


31 g

15 g


7.6 g


11 g


< 0,101 g


99,0 mg (27% *)


3.2 mg (22% *)

* Reference intake value for average adult person (8400 kJ/2000 kcal).


Ingredients: 45,2% of flakes oatmeal, 21% raisins, 20% rodent flakes, 6% pumpkin seeds, 5% hemp seed, 0.8% FDI in powder, 2% apple-lyophilised bone

Produced in the plant where the goods are assembled peanuts, peanuts, sesame and containing products Sulphur dioxide, gluten, eggs, milk, celery.


Manufacturer                          Intenson Europe Sp. z o. o.

Kissing 94 G

05-480 Karczew



Best to eat before: The number of the batch/suitability for consumption is on the packaging.

Keep the container tightly closed.

Country of origin: Poland

Net weight 200 g.