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Collagen with strawberry flavor -
Collagen with strawberry flavor -

Collagen with strawberry flavor

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Collagen with strawberry flavor is a combination pure collagen protein Together with the natural strawberry aroma. One serving is until 10,000 Mg collagen, which is a very high dose that provides the best results. Taste collagen can be mixed with water or add to juice, smoothie and a cocktail.

Taste collagen does not contain artificial dyes and preservatives.

What is collagen?

Collagen is one of Main connective tissue components. Its main task is to combine cells, which is why it is Budulle Most organs: skin, bones, joints, teeth, blood vessels or eye cornea. But his role does not end. Collagen Protects internal organs i.e. kidneys, stomach or liver, creating around them that supports them a protective layer. In addition, plays a defensive role in the immune system, preventing the interference of microorganisms, toxins or cancer cells.

What's more, we owe collagen Elimination and softness of the skin. It represents up to 60% of all skin proteins, which is why it has a decisive effect on the appearance of our skin.

Why should you supplement collagen?

Regenerative capacity collagen decreases with age

Collagen is a structural protein that arises in special cells called Fibroblasty, in the skin layer. Fibroblasts also produce other structural elements, i.e. elastine and hyaluronic acid.

Both the formation and collagen distribution takes place in the specific skin. Enzymes correspond to the distribution, while collagen repairs and replaces damaged cells or builds new cellular structures throughout our lives.

With the passage of years, enzymes that are responsible for collagen distribution become more and more active, and the production of collagen by fibroblasts decreases. As a result, the skin aged 80 shows four times more damaged collagen than the skin aged 21-30.

A method of preparing: Put the contents of the cup for a cup and dissolve in 150-200ml of water, juice or cocktail. Do not exceed the recommended portion for consumption during the day.

Ingredients: Collagen hydrolyzate (93.7%), natural aroma - strawberry, controller
acidity - citric acid, sweetening substance - sucralose

A product intended for all consumer groups except
Small children and people allergic to any of the ingredients.

Net weight: 10.7g