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FBA Water Gased Apple & Lemon Grass 330 ml -

Sparkling water apple & lemon grass, 330ml

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Sparkling water apple & lemon grass

Novelty from Foods by Ann.

 Fruit carbonated water in a can. Water and natural fruit juices are the perfect combination for the summer.

 Wonderfully refreshing, perfectly tastes and waters - and this is our body most needs during the heat. All this without supplement sugar and sweeteners.

 Only 3kcal in a can! A convenient and handy packaging makes water to take with you to work, school or on a trip.

 Water apple & lemon grass This holiday trip closed in a can. The intense taste of the aroma of fresh Polish apples brings to mind a holiday in the countryside, while the accents of lemon grass will move you into distant, exotic countries. It tastes best on ice or straight from the fridge.

 Ingredients :Water, carbon dioxide, lemon juice with compacted lemon juice 2%, natural aromas 0.18%: apples and lemon grass.


Producer: Levann

Net contact 330ml