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FBA Nerekowiec paste 100% 200g -

Perfect paste - cashier 100%, 200g

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Nerekowiec paste 100%

Browse your breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Peanut paste are not only products from peanuts that have been running on store shelves for years. I am glad that you reach for other variants, because it's really worth it and in many respects. For taste and health.


I love natural flavors, without which I can not imagine everyday functioning. Cashew nut paste is a unique product with a versatile application and simply delicious, both for small and large tasks. Especially that it has a velvety consistency and simply melts in your mouth! My cashier paste is 100% of the product, without additives, artificial substances, sugar or preservatives.


Cashbooks are one of the fewer caloric nuts that additionally help reduce the appetite and improve the mood. They support the stimulation of the sugar absorption process. In addition, they support the operation of the cardiovascular system.


Cashework paste is an ideal addition to porridge and smoothie, bread or cake and desserts. It also works great for meats, vegetables, pancakes and pancakes.


But attention!


Nut Mousse is so good that it is difficult to stop before the spoon straight from a jar!


Storage in a dry and cool place. Consider within 3 months of opening. The oil is separated from the paste naturally, so do not worry, just mix the contents of the jar before consumption to harmonize the consistency and enjoy the taste.


Ingredients:100% Raw cashews


Net weight 200g


Producer: Foods by Ann