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MUS Berry & Jaglane Flakes & Linseed 100g -

MUS Berry & Jaglane Flakes & Linseed, 100g

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A delicious fruit mousse with naturally sweet apples, berries and bananas. With the addition of millet and coconut flakes.


Mature, collected in the perfect moment of fruits is a guarantee of natural sweets and a delicate, smooth consistency. Cereal flakes and linseed are added to the taste depth and make the MUS light, but adding energy with a snack.


This classic combination of fruit and cereals is ideal for both breakfast and training. All this thanks to the combinations of simple and complex carbohydrates that provide us with energy and power of vitamins and fiber.


When creating this product, we took care of high quality and origin of products because we believe that in this way we can get the best taste.


It's 100% of natural, vegan ingredients. No sugar, lactose, aromas and dyes.


An additional advantage of the MUSU is a wide plug that was designed for the youngest, as it prevents ingest.


Ingredients : apple, berry 19%, banana, 6% millet groats, 3% Jaglane flakes, 1% linseed.


May contain: Gluten.


Producer: Foods by Ann


Net mass 100g