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FBA Lemonada & Espresso RL9, 250 ml -

Lemonade & Espresso RL9, 250ml

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We present RL9 Espresso & Lemonade, summer novelty in Foods by Ann.


This delicious, refreshing drink is a combination of coffee cold eyebrow and taste of citrus lemonade.


Sensual aromas of lemons and oranges give him a delightful taste, which most of us are associated with vacations, sun and moments of relaxation.


Coffee prepared with the COLD ENRW method is characterized by lack of bitterness and acidity. Thanks to this, it is ideally connected with gentle acid citruses and provides so much necessary refreshment.


RL9 Espresso & Lemonade does not contain preservatives and dyes, and preferably tastes cold, given on several ice cubes.


This is the power of citrus taste, energy and only 24kcal in 100ml.


Ingredients: Water, liquid coffee extract (water, coffee), cane sugar, carbon dioxide, acidity regulator: citric acid, aromas 0.15%: lemon, orange.


Producer: Levann


 Net weight 250ml