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FBA Frozen coffee latte RL9, 250 ml -

Frozen coffee latte RL9, 250ml

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Frozen coffee latte RL9


RL9 latte is a great, full flavored ice coffee that best tastes cold, straight from the fridge or served on several ice cubes. This is not only a dose of championship energy. It's also an ideal solution for hot days when we need cool. RL9 latte is a delicate one of our two frozen coffees.


It's perfect for a hot afternoon when we want to relax after a challenge day. You can also take yourself to work or on a journey. You will not find any added sugar or lactose.


Ingredients:Partially degreased milk without lactose 75%, water, oligofructose, arabic coffee extract 1.2%, aroma, stabilizer: sodium hydroxide.


Producer: Levann



Net weight 250ml