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Jam 100% Peach with Linseed 200g -

Jam 100% peach with linseed, 200g

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Peach jam with linseed is a real delicacy for children and adults! I have always been repeating that preserves from Polish fruits are a great way to provide the body with necessary vitamins. During the autumn and winter spiral, they perfectly complement the diet. Pasteurizing fruit is a great way to preserve valuable nutrients and using them during the rainy autumn, frosty winter and early spring.


Ecological peach growing deliver the ideal raw material to create a valuable delicacy. I am happy to use culinary knowledge and experience of previous generations in this area. My product contains 100% natural peaches from ecological crops. It is enriched with the addition of linseed tie. This is a traditional ingredient in Polish cuisine.


Fruit lubrication jam ideally suited as an addition to bread, as well as an excellent independent snack. Nutritional values ​​and taste enriches the addition of natural apple juice and a bit of lemon. You can use it for pancakes, it also tastes tastes with a millet made of muesli or porridge.


In the process of energizing ecological peaches, 100g of fruit and 100g finished product managed to obtain.


Peach jam is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals!


Ecological peach fruit with a slightly obscured skin and yellowish - red color has an intense and sweet and honey aroma. The lubrication delicacy contains natural sugars occurring. Both the ingredients and the process of drying were made in Poland with traditional methods without preservatives. Naturally occurring sugars in peaches and apples do not require sugar or other sweetening substances. Natural fruit color increases its intensity when sailing.


Linen is a popular and recognized ingredient in Polish culture. In the tradition of herbalism, it has been used for a very long time and this is Polish Superfood. 1% Contents of a peach blend with a valuable fiber source. Consumption of a variation varied our diet with antioxidants contained in it, amino acid and easily absorbed proteins.


The low-fat product contains a rich range of mineral and antioxidant compounds. In a peach delicacy, we find, among others: sodium, potassium, protein, calcium and iron. Vitamins A and C contained in it are an ideal supplement to the diet, helping to raise resistance.




Peach consumption is recommended when using slimming dies. Due to their properties supporting diuretic processes, they are recommended as a dietary supplement. Peach is conducive to calming and relaxing activities. The BOR contained in it helps to raise the estrogen level.


Peach lubrication product should be stored in a dry and cool place. After opening, store at + 4c.


Fruit lubrication does not contain cholesterol.


Ingredients:peach, apple juice, linseed seeds, thickening substance - pectin, lemon juice


Approximate nutritional values ​​in 100g of product


Fat: 1g
including fatty acids saturated 0,1g
Carbohydrates: 26g
including sugars: 7g
Fiber: 4,4 g
Protein: 1.5g
Salt: 0g


Net weight 200g


Producer: Foods by Ann