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Diatomic Earth Diatomite - 1kg -

Diatomite Diatomstic Earth - 1kg

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Diatomaceous earth (Fossil Shell Flour - FSF)
Diaatomite - Food quality

Diatomaceous Earth (Diaatomite) Food Quality Named Fossil Shell
FLOUR (FSF) is a natural substance of organic origin consisting of
Single cell shells of microscopic organisms living millions of years ago
- Phytoplankton. The product comes from extremely clean freshwater deposits
DIATOMITE MELORSIRA PREICEELANICA, which are awarded to regular
Cylindrical shape of shells, high hardness, low bravity and
having extremely small holes on the walls of cylinders, contributing to
Perfect liquid absorption.

How to use:
Start from taking 1 small teaspoon of the product a day. Gradually
Increase a daily portion to reach 3 heaped teaspoons. Pace of increasing
A daily portion and target dose depends on individual preferences. Usually
This takes one to a few weeks. Observe your response
organism. If you experience that the tempo is too fast or a dose too big
or flu-like symptoms appear, which means that the perception process occurs
Too fast, reduce the dose to 1 teaspoons from tea and start the process
increasing the dose from the beginning. The treatment is used for several months. Be drinking
2 liters of water a day. Maximum daily portion for children (from 12 years of age) is
Smaller - from 1 to 1 flat teaspoon - treatment should start from?
Teaspoons or even less portions depending on your recognition and observation
child. Do not administer neither diatomaceous earth and children under 12 years old.

Recommendations and precautions:
Do not allow diatomaceous FSF to enter the eyes. Earth
Diatomaceous, as a dried agent, can cause their dryness. Belongs
Avoid long-lasting inhaling of large concentrations of spray diatomaceous soil FSF,
For this can lead to irritation of the respiratory system. It is recommended that
Establishment of a face mask (or caution) especially when
There are problems with lungs and respiratory system or asthma.
Use of diatomaceous earth for other purposes than those authorized by the EPA,
USDA, or FDA is subject to strict restrictive laws.

Diatomaceous earth as an addition to food can not be used as
Substitute for a diversified diet. Food additives do not replace sustainable
A method of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended portion to
Consumption during the day. Traditional use of diatomaceous earth as an add-on
Food does not provide a hundred percent obtaining the desired results.
The product as a food additive does not replace the diagnosis of any
Health problems or diseases without consulting a physician. In case of
Applying medicines. Contact your doctor before starting
The use of diatomaceous Earth FSF to consult possible
Interacting with the drugs taken. Consult your doctor if
Doubts about the use of diatomaceous earth FSF.

Country of origin:USA
Producer:Perma-Guard, Inc., Bountiful, UT 4010
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