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Cistus - dried 100g

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Cistus - dried 100g

The plant has a pleasant resinous smell. Tea with purge has been known for centuries. It tastes great with the addition of honey and/or lemon juice. Purse contains polyphenols, that is, natural antioxidant substances.

How to use:

Tea from the purge can be prepared by pouring boiling water 1 a chirping spoonful of herbs and brewing it for 5-10 minutes.

Infusion of purge can be prepared by pouring a handful of purgatory (about 10 g) of water. The mixture should be brought to a boil, then cook over low heat for about 10 000 years. 5 minutes. 

Components: 100% cistus

Manufacturer Intenson Europe Sp. z o.o.

Całowanie 94G

05 - 480 Karczew


It is best to eat before: Batch number / Date of suitability / Country of origin can be found on the package.

Store in a sealed package.

Net weight 200g