Bio Karob - 200g powder (light)

12,37 zł

Bio Karob - 200g powder (light)

12,37 zł

Bio Karob - 200g powder (light)

Locust bread meal

BIO karob powder is an excellent replacement for cocoa, chocolate, in particular recommended for allergy sufferers. Karob is recommended in the diet of children, because unlike cocoa does not contain caffeine. BIO karob powder is an organic product derived from an organic farm where no chemicals are used.

To use: Cocoa replacement (halved as cocoa for naturally occurring sugars) and chocolate. Used for making cakes, cookies, preparing desserts. The powder should be introduced into the diet gradually.


Nutritional value in 100 g of product

Energy value / Energy

929 kJ / 222 kcal

Fat, including:

- saturated fatty acids

- monounsaturated fatty acids

- polyunsaturated fatty acids

0.6 g


0.2 g


0.2 g


- including sugars

50 g

41 g


40 g




0.1 g

Vitamin B2

0.46 mg (33%*)

Vitamin B6

0.36 mg (26%*)


2.9 mg (21%*)


827 mg (41%*)


348 mg (44%*)

*Reference intake value for average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)


Ingredients: 100% BIO karob powder

Manufacturer / Producer: Intenson Europe Ltd.

Kissing 94G

05 - 480 Taverns

Polska / Poland

It is best to eat before: Batch number / Date of suitability / Country of origin can be found on the package.

Store in a cool, dry dark place in a tightly closed package.

Net weight 200 g