Hemp protein 250g Cannabi Nature

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Hemp protein 250g Cannabi Nature

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Hemp protein 250g Cannabi Nature

The hemp protein contains as much as 50% of the vegetable protein. It is a full-value protein, i.e. it has a whole set of 20 amino acids - both endogenous and exogenously necessary organism for proper functioning. It is an excellent alternative to animal protein, which is why it is especially recommended for vegans and vegetarians. Due to the high protein content is valued by athletes and people running an active lifestyle. In addition, the hemp protein is a source of fiber that improves digestion and improves the operation of the entire digestive system. The hemp protein is obtained in the cold pressing process of seed hemp, which is considered one of the most valuable plants in the world.

In addition, the hemp protein is:

· Well absorbing,

· Hypoallergenic,

· Lightweight,

· Gluten-free.

Cannabis protein - for whom?

A hemp protein is a great source of plant protein. Particularly recommended:

· Physically active persons - protein is necessary to build muscle mass. The shrimp protein effectively supports muscle regeneration, and also adds energy, which translates into greater efficiency of training.

· Vegans and vegetarians - a hemp protein contains a set of amino acids, therefore completes any shortages resulting from the elimination of meat in a daily diet.

· Slimming people - protein adds energy, and the fiber contained in hemp protein increases the feeling of satiety, thanks to which we have a smaller appetite. In addition, it regulates the gastrointestinal operation.

· People who work or learn - protein adds long-term energy. It will work perfectly as an addition to smoothie and cocktails for a replacement of coffee.

Cannabis protein - How to use?

Hemp protein has a delicate nutty taste. After adding to the dishes it is completely neutral and does not change their taste.

The hemp protein has a broad use in the kitchen. We can add it to:

· Cocktails, smoothie,

· Muesli, porridge, yoghurts,

· Baked, omelettes,

· Seats, sauces and soups.

Nutritional value per 100g of product

Energy value: 1495kJ / 358kcal
Fats: 11g
Saturated fatty acids: 1.7g
Carbohydrates: 5.2g
-Cukry 4,1g
fiber: 24g
Protein: 50g
Salt 0.3 g




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Net weight 250g

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