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Beesweet Nutrition Cocktail Slimming 200g -
Beesweet Nutrition Cocktail Slimming 200g -
Beesweet Nutrition Cocktail Slimming 200g -

BEESWEET Nourishing Cocktail Slimming 200g

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Cocktail Nutrition Slimming This fiber cocktail composed with 5 superfoods High fiber content, which should be an integral component of the diet of people who care about keeping a slim silhouette or slimming.

  • Inulin
  • Apple fiber
  • Grandmother Płesznik
  • Baby egg
  • Minced flax

Contains inulin that is a natural prebiotic - supports the development of bacteria beneficial for our organism.

Fiber It is a key element of the diet that supports the proper functioning of the digestive system. According to the data of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) daily Fiber intake The gastrointestinal in the amount of 25 grams enables proper intestinal operation in healthy adults.

In addition to supporting the correct operation of the digestive system fiber:

  • Helps control cholesterol
  • Regulates intestinal work
  • Reduces appetite

Beesweet It is a brand of natural, innovative products created by the Polish-American model, actress, hostess of the Top Model program and an animal rights activist - Joanna Krupa.

Products stand out not only natural composition, whether the packaging, but above all, the message with which we want to reach the number of people as possible.

"Wherever you are - Beesweet",
In addition to good eating habits, I would like to pay attention to good, tolerances, love and compassion to all beings on earth. Always what you give to the world - comes back to you. Good ingredients improve our well-being, and good deeds improve our mood and raise self-esteem. Just - "Wherever you are - Be sweet, Beesweet."

Composition:Flax Linen Disturbed (Linum Flavum L.) 30%, Substance sweeten Erythritol, eggy grandmother (psyllium husk) 10%, Apple fiber 10%, grandmother Płesznik (Plantago psyllium) 10%, 10% inulin, acidity regulator-citric acid,Pineapple aroma