BCAA Grapefruit 600g

119,99 zł

BCAA Grapefruit 600g

119,99 zł
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BCAA is an instant type conditioner with a high level of branched amino acidsBcaa, characterized by rapid absorption. The BCAA consists of 3 amino acids:leucithine, isoleucine and valinewhich significantly support the muscles during regeneration, they eliminate the so-called "Sours" and allow training continuity.BCAA amino acids are one of the main building components of our muscles. BCAA constitute about 35 percent. proteins built muscle tissue. They are not naturally produced by the body, therefore they should be delivered in the form of dietary supplements or food.


  • Supports regeneration after physical exercise
  • Reduces fatigue and strengthens muscle tissue


The protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass as well as healthy bones.

Perfect for consumption at any time- BCAA can be consumed properly at any time - before and after training, between meals and at any time of the day when you want to provide your organism for a valuable portion of protein.

You deliver one portion (5 g) until4.3 g BCAA.

  • Instant product (very good solubility = better absorbability)
  • Best attitude of branched amino acids
  • Up to 4.3 g bcaa in a portion (5 g portion)
  • Natural aromas
  • Excellent taste
  • No unnecessary synthetic additives
  • Low sugar content
  • Low fat
  • Low sodium content


Ingredients: 85 % BCAA 2: 1: 1 Instant, natural aroma grapefruit, controller Acose: Citric acid, sweetener: Sudraloza

600g packaging